Why do you need a job? ceviri lazım

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    Why do you need a job? ceviri lazım

    Why do you need a job?

    1). Scan the profiles. Who is in high school? Who is in coolege? who is a new parent?

    2). These people need jobs. Read about their schedules, experience, and why they need a job.

    A): Eddie Chen

    I am 16 now, and my parents don't give me an allowance anymore. I want to earn some money because
    I like to go out with my friends on the weekend. I go to school at 8:00 and get home around 4:30.
    My parents own a restaurant, so I know a little about restaurant work

    B): Julia Brown

    I study French and want to be a teacher someday. I have classes alt day on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday,
    and on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. I usually study on weekends. I need a job because college is really
    expensive! I don't have any experience, but I am a fast learner.

    C): Denise Parker

    My husband is an accountant and makes good money, but we don't save very much. We live in a small apartment,
    and we have a new baby. We want to
    save money to buy a house. I take care of the baby, so I need a job I can do at home. I can type well, and I have
    a new computer.
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